…Raaargh. I’m addicted to this online game.

I keep thinking of little smidgety cutesy voices squealing before my upgraded squirt towers. And I now have an obsession with closing up spaces. Closingupspaces. Last night I even dreamed about this awesome pattern I could make out of frost and bash towers.

I’d advise you to think twice before clicking that link. Or, if you already clicked it – consider closing the window before buying that first tower. It’ll change the next few days (weeks? months? oh god, how long am i going to be tormented with this addiction?!) of your life. Irreversibly.

Desktop Tower Defense ftw!

…die, flying evilthings.

What is so addictive about Desktop TD? It’s just a click-and-upgrade flash game after all; and, yeah, the satisfaction of watching your invaders dwindle away at the mercy of your mighty little hand-drawn towers is probably rather petty. But no denying it, I’m hooked, and I’m not the only one. 😀 Maybe it’s the satisfaction of laying out the maze, although I’m not very good at it. I can’t seem to get past the fast ones, or the flying ones, at around the 40th level of Hard mode.

Desktop TD, rarrrgh. Muarrhgh. Yearhg. Gaaaaah.