Bah. I know I’ve promised a whole slew of less self-absorbed posts, like more on the ASEAN scholarship, GRRM, So Far, Hana Kimi, etcetera, but I’ve been caught up with research essays. and I couldn’t help getting suckered into joining Nanowrimo this year. …So here’s a couple of links to the NaNoWriMo site, my member page; and see you in December! (where is the collective moan of despair? doesn’t anyone love my little textual voice?)

What’s NaNoWriMo? It’s essentially a project to write 50,000 words in a month; and it’s quantity, rather than quality, that counts. It works toward just getting your creative juices flowing, to use a really tired phrase about creativity that says a lot about just how creative people are nowadays – ahem. Well, to take on the project requires nothing more than signing up at the Nano site, perhaps joining a region or a group to share ideas, encouragement, and eventually congratulations with…and of course, a plot you want to expand into 50,000 words. You “win” if you reach 50k before the November 30th midnight, you “lose” otherwise. “Win” in quot. marks because there isn’t a prize, you just feel satisfied you’ve done it and you can now tell people you’ve written a 50k novel without having to lie anymore. (You’ve done that?) Losing doesn’t matter either. Nobody reads your novel unless you want them to, because the site doesn’t host your novels. Hm, and if you were wondering, that’s 1666.666…7 words per day. That’s all I can think of offhand that I really wanted to know when I first signed up a couple of days ago. Check the FAQ and About pages on the Nano website to find out more.

Why have I signed up? Good question. Why am I here? Why do I live? Who am I? What is life?!

Though a’course, if things work out, I’ll probably be wanting to post an excerpt, or two, or godhelpme several chapters, and I’m not sure where to post them. Should I start a livejournal account just for it? Or just post here? Wonders. I’ll think about it. As of now, I have very little more than a gimmicky idea that looks like it could bud into a plot if I water it enough and give it some sporadic affection. I have a Fool. Not this Fool, or this Fool, but this Fool. Though they’re all connected, and it might be interesting to put all those definitions of Fool into one.

Adding Nano onto my list of things to do this November just reminds me exactly how easily distracted I am, how much I want and have to do, and how little time there is. Gah. Is it strange therefore that I’m not actually worried about meeting the 50k goal? I’m more concerned about my impending lack of sleep. Check back with me on the state of my eyebags come November 30th. 😛