The wind billowing out the seat of my britches,
My feet crackling splinters of glass and dried putty,
The half-grown chrysanthemums staring up like accusers,
Up through the streaked glass, flashing with sunlight,
A few white clouds all rushing eastward,
A line of elms plunging and tossing like horses,
And everyone, everyone pointing up and shouting!


Child on Top of a Greenhouse‘, by Theodore Roethke, for you. Interpret as you wish. I have my own interpretation, but telling you that would be the equivalent of telling you exactly what I think of myself, and that wouldn’t be good for your self-esteem.

*playfully punches your shoulder*

No, but really: I’m a student, at the University of Queensland, Australia, enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts/MBBS sub-quota program. I did the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Levels in Victoria Junior College (VJC), Singapore, as an ASEAN scholar, and before that, I did the IGCSE O Levels in Lodge International School, Kuching, Malaysia. I loved all my schools, all my countries, and all my homes; and yet I don’t think of myself as having a school, a country, or a home. My place on Earth is as it is; simply, on earth. (and here in cyberspace.)

Hence, my friends, my eager little visitors, you won’t find any intelligent or acid commentary on politics, religion, or any other social matter that should, uh, matter. You’ll only find enthusiastic, sometimes loony and sometimes loopy discussions about the things that do matter most on Earth (and in cyberspace.) – books. games. anime. manga. …games. books. In other words: stuff about other worlds! Alternate realities! Unchanced possibilities and untaken roads!


This is a blog about other worlds from the point of view of an innocent human free from social and political bias, on this world.

I’m an astrologer.

Welcome to my blog!

P/S: Since this is an ‘About’ page, thereby facilitating the expression of egotistic and selfish desires to blabber about myself and my name – I just discovered ‘cherylline‘, the half of my soul that haunts the virtual lands a.k.a the Internet, is an actual chemical compound. It’s a phenolic alkaloid that apparently has two phenyl rings, and it shows optical isomerism, and is identical to crinin. In this article it has been proposed that the name crinin be changed to cherylline. *woot!*

PP/S: Leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to reply.


8 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Cherylline,

    I couldn’t figure out why our website was getting so much traffic on the Pan’s Labyrinth page – a lot of it is coming from your blog, so congrats – you’re quite popular.

    How did you find Sarasota Film Society?


  2. cherylline Says:

    [Robert] –
    Oh, flatterer. I checked it out, and there about 2 clicks on your link in my Pan’s Labyrinth review. Really, though, thanks – I feel ridiculously happy that people visit my blog!

    I actually found Sarasota Film Society through a Google search. It was on the first or second page, so your website looks quite popular too, congrats. 😉 I like that you give short but detailed, concise synopses, but most of all, your site is clean – no annoying ads lining the sides, or distracting sidebars and promotional offers. Nope, clean white backgrounds are best.

    What a pity I can’t actually buy tickets while I’m at your site. Plane tickets tend to cost much more than movie tickets.

  3. Zhian Says:

    What an interesting page to stumble upon…

  4. vlh Says:

    hi. stumbled onto this site. nice! i was an ASEAN scholar too, did A-lvls in AJC, now in NTU. Keep it up, great site.

  5. cherylline Says:

    [Zhian] –

    I wub joo too.

    [vlh] –

    Wow, another ASEAN scholar? Neat! 😀 A Levels is an experience *coughordealcough* that binds us all, heh. Thanks for the comment, and the compliment, and have fun exploring what little I have here.

  6. tom Says:

    Hey chery,

    if you have some time, i’d be glad if you could help answer a question of mine.

    I was just wondering which JCs correspond to which hostels.

    Anglican House

    Victoria Hall

    Oldham Hall

  7. cherylline Says:

    Hey tom, sorry for a late reply – was away on vacation.

    I’m not entirely sure about the other hostels, but Victoria Hall boarders generally go to Victoria School (high school, boys only) and Victoria Junior College (VJC). They used to go to Temasek Junior College (TJC) too, but not since 2006, I believe.

    From another blog ( :
    Oldham Hall – Anderson JC
    Victoria Hall – Victoria JC
    Raffles Boarding – Raffles JC
    Hwa Chong Boarding – National JC
    NUS High School Residence – Anglo Chinese JC
    Dunman High Boarding – Temasek JC
    McNair Lodge – Saint Andrews JC

    Sorry; can’t seem to find out about Anglican House. That sounds like it might be somewhere near Anglican High (AHS), the high school. … … which doesn’t help you, of course 😦

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