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…not that there’s a cache of enslaved rice grains somewhere in the world that we haven’t been told about until now.

What I’m referring to is this: a site where you play a vocabulary game, and with each right answer, you indirectly donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. …or so it says. I wouldn’t know; as my “About” page indicates, I’m frankly not interested in engaging in an endless debate on the trustworthiness of sites like these, or in the reliability of the whole notion of charity. Nope. I’m just here to introduce you guys to a pretty nifty word game that makes you realise that you maybe aren’t that forgetful when it comes to words…you just need a little prompting via multiple choice.

I maxed out at level 47. Floated between there and 39 for quite a while – you win 3 rounds to level-up and lose 1 round to de-level – before my brain protested against unwanted lessons in philology. (…which, by the way, is a word in the game).

How far can you get?



…take the test here. Fear not, there are no spoilers.

I got Loras Tyrell, the Knight of Flowers, on the first go. Shucks, I was hoping a nicely sneaky Littlefinger, or maybe an awesome Brienne.

Do Knights pout? This one does.


Haha, take the test!

[edit: I got the Red Viper, Oberyn Martell, after that. Couldn’t find two bloody knights more different. Not really anyway.]

More character tests: here

…the Nerd Test, a Death Test (when will you die?). And a nifty Word Game, simple rules, fiendishly addictive.

Here’re my scores :p

I am nerdier than 56% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out! I am going to die at 84. When are you? Click here to find out!

More tests at NerdTests.com.

And the Word Game…

I first got this and was absurdly happy considering it’s a game, really…

Click here to play Make-A-Word word game, and TRY to score better!

…then I got some crappy scores, mainly because I’m using a touchpad, and touchpad-users aka fingerrubbers should know what I mean when I say the cursor kept ‘sticking’, and so I kept hitting the wrong letters. 😦 still. It’s great non-progressive fun. Great useless fun. And so since I really had nothing better to do I went ahead trying and trying and trying and managed to get this far… (more…)

…which I scored 27.0217% for, and makes me a…Total Geek, from Innergeek

Yup. Take the test yourself – I couldn’t keep myself from laughing at the screen as I entered in all those ticks. Luckily for me, I failed a lot of the Star Trek, programming, and fantasy book sections…but that last only because the fantasy authors I read aren’t on the list *rolls on the floor laughing*

…off topic, I have a friend that has this cute way of omitting the ‘laughing’ bit of *rolling on the floor laughing*. So she ends up plain rolling on the floor. It’s hilarious. *rolls on the floor (laughing)*

Welcome to the Moral Sense Test (MST), proudly sponsored by the Cognitive Evolution Laboratory, Harvard University, and linked here by me! This is more of a survey for a study/research project that is currently still gathering information: it’s calling out for participants, and the test only takes a few minutes.

First, since this shares a little relevance by way of Philosophy, I’ve decided to take down my paraphrased summary of Daniel Dennett’s essay ‘Where am I?’, mainly because I’m treading on a grey area where copyrights are concerned. Just to be safe, and to encourage you lot who keep viewing the page (from searches that involve words very suspiciously relevant to the essay that my Philosophy cohort had to write) to read Dennett yourself and write your own synopsis – I’ve stuffed the post into ‘Private’. Perhaps after this essay has been returned, I’ll put it back into public circles. Probably not.

Back to the test. The Moral Sense Test is just that: a test of your opinions of right and wrong. There are two versions of the test: the first I’ve linked, the second you can find on the page that appears when you finish test version 1. This first test consists of 8 questions (more…)