…Yes! I’m not kidding. A Japanese made, Japanese released, Japanese casted drama is coming out this July.

I only just found out, when a buddy turned up on MSN with “Oguri Shun as Sano Izumi” as her nickname. Naturally, our conversation devolved into mindless squeals of affection and delight. The new definition of ‘chat’.

More information here. I’ll see what else I can dig up, and elaborate in another post. For Hana Kimi fans who read the manga before watching the Taiwanese drama Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu – you’ll probably be every bit as ecstatic as I am: a chance to excel where the Taiwanese did NOT!

I’m just wondering whether Fuji TV began production knowing what the Taiwanese version was going to be like. Probably. In that case, we can hope for a different take on the same plotline…perhaps not so comedic, perhaps more sweet, perhaps with plot changes?

O, the agony of deliberation!

And oh, look, a Hana Kimi livejournal!

Got to run, got another exam tomorrow.


…take the test here. Fear not, there are no spoilers.

I got Loras Tyrell, the Knight of Flowers, on the first go. Shucks, I was hoping a nicely sneaky Littlefinger, or maybe an awesome Brienne.

Do Knights pout? This one does.


Haha, take the test!

[edit: I got the Red Viper, Oberyn Martell, after that. Couldn’t find two bloody knights more different. Not really anyway.]

More character tests: here

…manga, anime, OSTs, dramas, doujinshi…sate all those desires!

Another quick linkdropper. This time for The Evil Empire, a primarily manga download site that hosts even the more obscure manga, along with other items of value: a good trove of ebooks, lots of anime and drama episodes, nice stash of OSTs and doujinshi and artbooks. Most are in great condition, i.e. good scans/subs quality, but a few of the download links may either not work, or be inconvenient (multipart files that need reassembling). The really fantastic thing is that if you’re looking for licensed or old lost things, you might well find them here.

Often there’ll be a little review or comments that allow you get a little knowledge about the download items, but on the whole, The Evil Empire works best for those who know what they want, and just go there to search the hallways of the Dark Castle, aka download section.

All you need to get unlimited downloads is to post in the forums 10 times, and that can be done within half an hour, less if you’re not really reading the posts and just adding thoughts :p though please do participate more actively. It’s always fun to debate whether Kikyo should die or not. *cackle*

I got my Saiunkoku Monogatari OST from there. Now I’m searching up other Sumomo Yumeka material, and getting their ebooks…George R. R. Martin’s books for one, because the library’s always out of his books. His books are just that good. Anyway, get going to the empire, and have fun! 🙂

…just a quick linkdropper.

Anime News Network’s collection of fairly well-considered and well-presented previews of some anime titles out this Spring. Or Autumn, depending on where you are. Which has already begun.

Looks like Romeo x Juliet is getting good previews/reviews everywhere I look. Inori ~ You Raise Me Up, the theme song for the series, is now up for download on Gendou‘s Anime Music site. Again, should be on the first page at time of post. I’m sure you’ve heard it if you’ve been keeping tabs on Romeo x Juliet and have been to the official website; it’s You Raise Me Up in Japanese! Yay! *clap clap* Seriously though, it is a pretty good rendition of Groban’s classic. TV size for now, of course.

…a newbie’s perspective.

So what have I been doing while waiting for Hana Kimi Episode 5 to finish loading? (I can’t torrent it, not with just 160MB free at the moment. And no, I can’t afford an external hard drive at the moment either.)


I’m a pretty bad gamer but a pretty addicted one. No, cut the ‘pretty’ out of that last part. I’m hooked, fish out of the water. Most of my time gets channeled into WoTMUD, the Wheel of Time MUD; a text-based game or MUD based on the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. It’s heavily PK-based (PlayerKilling) but has serious RP (RolePlay) elements, and while RP is not enforced, it’s highly recommended, and you’re not likely to find OOC (out of character) statements, things or descriptions in a run at all. I used to mud here last year for about a month, and was even more crazy about it then, staying up to see (out of the corner of a distracted eye) the sun rise as I tap away learning spams and learning WoTMUD in general. I only stopped for a few months afterward because of a lagging connection problems, but as you can see, that all resolved nicely and I’m back on the mud with lower than ever ping. *grin*

What’s best about WoTMUD is really the atmosphere.

You’ll have as much as 200 players on at busy times, like weekends or exp multiplier days; and at the very least, about 50 players. About half will be experienced players PKing or RPing as they wish, and narrating the PK for the other half of the MUD, expers and statters, to listen to while killing those cute deer and ancient trees. It’s a very interactive and mostly very friendly and helpful community – you won’t have flames much, and if they happen, they get snuffed out by other players. Help is given within the tic, and there’s usually some interesting topic being discussed on the OOC chats, sometimes random friendly humour; and the forums are a great place to read other logs, smartass other (more…)

…you April Fool.

What I’m talking about are the Top 100 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes of All Time, and the Top Ten College Pranks of All Time, courtesy of I stumbled across these amusing little toplists when breezing through the Players’ Lounge at WotMUD. The top entry for the former is so hilarious it’s amazing they had people fall for it – I mean, spaghetti trees! Noodle vines, and bunches of ravioli, and meatblooms galore! …then again, it was on a reputable BBC news show. You’d probably have that glimmer of suspicion, but you’d be pushing it aside because ‘It’s the freakin’ news!’. I have more admiration than ridicule for the second list, the Top Ten College Pranks of All Time. Those really take more than guts and a sharper-than-most sense of humour; they sometimes involve such grand schemes and elaborate planning, and cunning wit, that it quite becomes movie material. Take the secret-agent style of stealing and replacing the cards in the #1 prank, the Great Rose Bowl Hoax. (more…)

…which I scored 27.0217% for, and makes me a…Total Geek, from Innergeek

Yup. Take the test yourself – I couldn’t keep myself from laughing at the screen as I entered in all those ticks. Luckily for me, I failed a lot of the Star Trek, programming, and fantasy book sections…but that last only because the fantasy authors I read aren’t on the list *rolls on the floor laughing*

…off topic, I have a friend that has this cute way of omitting the ‘laughing’ bit of *rolling on the floor laughing*. So she ends up plain rolling on the floor. It’s hilarious. *rolls on the floor (laughing)*

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