Should you ever want to contact me elsewhere… cherylline

The Evil Empire: cherylline88

A Game of Stones: Miie Tei cherylline

Renaissance Kingdoms: Rylche

TYWC: Kittycat

Utopia at SWIRVE games: Zebes (17:2)

WoTMUD IV: …on second thought, i’m not listing this.

most others: cherylline, rylche, or chryle.

Send me a message if you’re ever at any of these sites. If it’s a game, I’ll gladly return your attacks. *grin* I join forums and discussion boards liberally, so if you stumble across a ‘cherylline’ at say, asoiaf.westeros, it’s likely to be me. I’m a reliably enthusiastic forum haunt.

See, this is why I’m frequently lacking sleep.


7 Responses to “Identities Online”

  1. yotterportan Says:


  2. yotterportan Says:

    OMG.. I didn’t realize that you are an ASEAN scholar…
    Which JC/Sec are you in?

  3. cheryl Says:

    yotterportan – I was studying at Victoria Junior College, finished at the end of 2006. So you’re a scholar too? Or just in Singapore?

    I don’t even post at this blog much. *muses* But I can’t resist replying comments, especially when they’re from people apparently located in the same little part of the world I was in once. 🙂

  4. yotterportan Says:

    ooo, Victoria Junior College… I’m an RI boy, going RJC next year

    Do y happen t know abt Wu Chean? I think he was quite popular.. I forgot from which year he was

    I’m just a scholar.. Sec 4 only
    Until now I still can’t get a hold with wordpress.. lots of options, but that’s good

    Since 4 months ago, I’m still captivated with byousoku.. I stumbled yr blog when I typed Byousoku wallpaper….

  5. cherylline Says:

    yotterportan – sorry for a late reply! Study-stuff kept me busy for a while. Cool, another scholar! It might be a bit early, but do you already know what subjects you’d want to take at RJC? Wu Chean sounds familiar, but I don’t think he was from my year… I can’t put a face to the name 😛

    If you’re learning WordPress/setting up a WordPress blog, give me a link and I’ll pop by. 🙂

    Yes, Byousoku 5 Centimetre is definitely one of the most touching anime I’ve ever seen. Also, very beautiful. I still switch to one of the Byousoku wallpapers from time to time.

  6. yotterportan Says:

    Exactly.. Now is da mugging period (DMP) a.k.a EOY is coming
    a.k.a Exclusive for RI&RGS, the calm before the storm (refer to Differentiated Module Programme if you’ve heard of it)

    But still… revision is the hardest thing to do… I do blogging and randoming around lately

    I think Wu Chean was your junior… Because now he just entered college. He became a tutor in my cluster once

    I’ve decided already to take BCME (Bio, Chem, Math, Econs) – and I hope I could take Bio H3 (though my friends said it’s suicidal).

    Even till now, since 4 months ago, I have been captivated with byousoku.
    I can’t rest and calm myself if I didn’t listen to “Omoide ha Tooku no Hibi” once in one day.

    Facebook – friendster – even my wordpress blog is themed Byousoku…
    Anyway, do you have any facebook? I don’t think friendster is popular in Singapore or Australia… Y just search my name, Teodorus Theo Susanto

    My wordpress link is
    Thank you for your help 🙂

  7. Chivas Says:

    Just was bored and googled around.
    I’m so happy to see that someone muds on and watches jdrama via crunchyroll!
    Have you been playing lately?
    How is Hanakimi?
    I thought it was very highschoolish but very touching at the end.
    It’s just gives me this warm and fuzzy feeling that someone else has the same interests as me!

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